Welcome to Unity Spiritual Center of the Black Hills

Our Mission:  We are an accepting spiritual community, learning and teaching Universal truths, and affirming God in every person” 

At Unity, we embrace people of every age, color, creed, culture & lifestyle. We honor the many paths to God, the many names for God and the many ways in which to worship God – for we know that God, as light and love, expresses fully on all spiritual paths!

Are you new to Unity? In these pages, you will find some answers to questions that you may have about our church in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

There are no strangers here – Unity is a family, gathering together to share our spiritual journey.  Unity says that true religious growth is a “do-it-yourself” project…One might describe Unity as a religious philosophy with an ‘open end,’  seeking to find God’s truth in all of life.

~ Charles Filmore, co-founder of Unity

 Unity’s Five Basic Principles

  1. God is the source and creator of all.  There is no other enduring power.  God is absolute good and is everywhere present.
  2. We are spiritual beings, created in God’s image and likeness.  The Spirit of God lives within each person; therefore,
    all people are inherently good.
  3. We create our life experiences through our ways of thinking, our attitudes, and our   habitual states of mind and heart.
  4. Our lives can be changed and transformed through the power of affirmative prayer, forgiveness, and unconditional love.
  5. Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not sufficient.  We must live them as well.

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Unity is temporarily meeting at the Canyon Lake Senior Center located at 2900 Canyon Lake Drive, Rapid City, S.D.  57702

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